Metals, Nonmetals and Metalloids

Metallic elements(except for mercury) are solid.
are shiny and many can be hammered into sheets or drawn out into wires.
characteristically conduct electricity.
Nonmetallic elements
may be solids, liquids or gases (if solid, they are brittle)
characteristically do not conduct electricity.
look like metals but are chemically like nonmetals.
3 Li4 Be 5 B6 C7 N8 O9 F10 Ne
11 Na12 Mg13 Al14 Si15 P16 S17 Cl18 Ar
19 K20 Ca21 Sc22 Ti23 V24 Cr25 Mn26 Fe27 Co28 Ni29 Cu30 Zn31 Ga32 Ge33 As34 Se35 Br36 Kr
37 Rb38 Sr39 Y40 Zr41 Nb42 Mo43 Tc44 Ru45 Rh46 Pd47 Ag48 Cd49 In50 Sn51 Sb52 Te53 I54 Xe
55 Cs56 Ba71 Lu72 Hf73 Ta74 W75 Re76 Os77 Ir78 Pt79 Au80 Hg81 Tl82 Pb83 Bi84 Po85 At